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We always take the necessary steps to protect our brand’s and partners’ interest. In today’s world, people search for products in online marketplaces more than before but they still make most of their purchases in stores.

Having a transparent brand image in online marketplaces can boost offline and other online (webshop) sales.

As the Manufacturer of products holding the community trademark Tickless registered under No. 012119103 as well as community trademarks „Miteless” registered under No. 018178309, “ProtectONE” registered under No. 018155484 by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), therefore we are committed to protect the good reputation, quality and unified image of our brands and products.

Both our company name as well as our above-mentioned brands have been a joint statement for customer driven innovation, outstanding product and service quality.  

For the sake of the protection of our brands and trademarks we continue to promote our brands and we are constantly fighting for unlawful or unauthorized distribution of our products on big online market places such as Amazon, Ebay etc. as several unauthorized resellers are able to endanger our unified brand image.